1 to 1 Professional Coaching - Sales, Presentations, Supervisory Skills

If you get frustrated in large training sessions because (1) you can't focus on your specific issues, or (2) because you wait all day for that one kernel of information that will help you or if (3) you get intimidated practicing in front of large groups...try 1 to 1 Professional Coaching. Our professional trainers/ businesspeople can coach you on your process, your products, your employee issues and enable you to walk out of a training session with an entire plan that will help you improve your performance. AND you get all this in a private conference room. Prices are competitive to typical registration fees for a public course. Call or email today if you want to increase sales, improve employee performance or enhance your overall professional image ! New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Boston and Connecticut.


Topics for 1 to 1 Professional Coaching include Prospecting, Customer Dialogue Selling Skills, Negotiating Skills, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Supervisory Skills, Leadership Competencies, Professional Image, Career Coaching, Job Search Strategies