KAZ (Keyboard AZ) Typing Tutor

KAZ (short for Keyboarding A-Z) was created by a UK team of typing teachers and computer experts to make it possible for anyone to learn to touch type the A-Z keys in an average of just 90 minutes. Learning times vary as the course is designed to allow learners to work at their own pace. The KAZ accelerated touch-typing learning method is based on 11 words in just 5 phrases. The KAZ approach to learning is to cut out the unnecessary boring practice drills, exercises, finger analysis and games found in other typing tutors and to focus on a revolutionary simple method that allows learners to quickly learn, drop the product and get on with their work. In this ever-changing and challenging economic climate employees' skills have never had a more direct impact on the bottom line of a business. Increased productivity through learning is the key to competitive advantage and what skill could be more fundamental to productivity than typing? Most employees will work with a PC keyboard to get the job done. Outlook, Word and PowerPoint are the most frequently used business applications alongside data entry into a range of bespoke databases. All of these applications are business critical and typing intensive, which means effective touch typing skills have never been more important. What makes Kaz the most successful way to learn touch typing skills? • The user’s natural dexterity and ability to react to word association is used to transfer skills and ensure they are retained • Five basic reaction principles are used to ensure the user reacts and interacts with the keyboard efficiently • Interactive tasks are fun and engaging, allowing the user to assimilate new typing skills quickly without the use of boring repetitive exercises • You can learn to touch type in just 90 minutes More and more companies are recognizing the impact that improved typing skills could have on employee productivity. Further details can be found at our website www.netg.co.uk/kaz