Mastering the Art of Time Management

In this workshop you will learn time management skills which can increase your productivity and lower your stress. You will learn how to best use your time, identify causes of procrastination and reduce time wasters. This interactive workshop can help you manage your personal time and your professional time!

For on site workshops, we offer a four hour module for all employees and an additional four hour module for managers to help their employees manage their time.


Do you feel like there's never enough time? Does the clock seem to jump ahead while your productivity lags behind? Most of us feel like we need more time, but we never seem to find it Attend this workshop to discover how to rearrange the time you already have by taking it away from non-productive activities and adding it to productive ones.

You will learn how to organize your life and take control of the hours in your day, all while keeping the right perspective about the things that are important. You will learn how to:
1. Use effective time management skills to increase productivity and lower stress
2. Prioritize how you use your time and identify causes of procrastination and time wasters
3. Adopt a time management approach
4. Manage meetings, conversations, voice mail and e-mail
We know you ll agree this workshop is time well spent. After several informative hours of step-by-step time management techniques, you ll be prepared to start your journey toward a simpler life one in which you control your time, instead of it controlling you