Receptionist Course - Diploma Level

This receptionist course is the one we've all been waiting for!

Finally there's a nationally recognised Pitman Training Diploma for people working in reception, enabling them to prove to employers and agencies alike that they have the skills necessary to provide reception and clerical duties to the highest standards.

Not only will you learn how to communicate at work and how to welcome visitors, but you'll learn to touch type, office organisation with Microsoft Outlook and much more.


This receptionist course is aimed at anyone working as a receptionist, whether new or experienced, who needs to expand their skill set and it also suitable for people looking to move into office work for the first time.

You'll take the following subjects:

Computer Keyboard Skills
Where you'll learn to touch type accurately without looking at your fingers and using all of them

Business Document Production
Where you'll learn how to produce great looking business documents to reflect the professional style of your organisation.

Communication At Work
Here, you'll learn verbal and non-verbal communication skills as well as the principles and structure of written communication to make sure you give the right impression all the time.

Professional Receptionist Seminar
This is a one-day classroom seminar where you'll meet other receptionists and learn how to project the best front of house image for your organisation.

Microsoft Word Proficient
Most people only know how to use a fraction of Word's functionality. You'll learn to produce professional looking Word documents efficiently, using a wide range of functions.

Microsoft Outlook
Manage multiple diaries for managers and colleagues, organise meeting rooms and master advanced email techniques.

Choose One Elective
To complete your diploma, you choose one other subject from our course list, enabling you to tailor your qualification to the needs of your employer.