Computer Basics

Do you feel a little left out of the Information Age?

Here's your chance to become well-versed and handy in everything from how computers work to what they can do for you. Regardless of your previous experience or level, this hands-on course will bring you up to speed in every major area, from navigating your way through your own system to circumnavigating the Internet.

Join us on this fascinating introduction to the world of computers and become the most computer-capable person you know.


What are the different kinds of hardware for (instructor should bring different kinds of hardware i.e. hard drive, graphics card, processor etc.)
What is a hard drive and how does it work?
Do you have to clean your computer?
How to assemble a computer from scratch?
What is the difference between Intel and AMD?

Why Windows XP?
How to use Office efficiently?
Installing drivers and programs, why and what problems can appear?
How to customize your Windows XP?

Risks and prevention:
What is a virus and how does it attack?
What is a Trojan and why is it dangerous?
What is a good antivirus program?
What is a Firewall and how does it work?

Security and repair:
How to create a backup and why?
How to recover from a system crash?
How to repair Windows XP?
Restoring Windows XP to a previous setup?
How to upgrade your computer (software/hardware) and what implications does it have?

What does the most used abbreviations stand for
Technical terms
Warranty (when can a vendor deny warranty and why)?
Common network problems (internet)
Most of the jargon and technical terms

How a computer is put together and a thorough knowledge of every major component.
How to clean and maintain a healthy system
How to get the most out of Windows XP, Microsoft Office, and other important software
All of the risks to your computer, such as viruses, and how to prevent themHow to back up, repair, and upgrade your computer
How to be Internet savvy in every respect