Microsoft Excel Level 6 Intermediate VBA Programming

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

This course is aimed at people who want to explore further the VBA language and write VBA code so that future maintenance tasks can be carried out with the minimum of effort.

Students who wish to attend this course must have a good knowledge of Excel and have attended the Microsoft Excel Level 5 Introduction to VBA course or have good personal experience at writing basic VBA code.


On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

Refer to range objects using different types of code
Understand and effectively use variables and arrays
Create custom functions
Test their code using VB Editor tools
Deal with potential errors in the execution of their sub procedures with error handling code
Make their code more accessible by saving it as an Add-In
Improve the interactivity of their code with custom user forms

Course Content

Range Objects

Referring to Ranges
The Current Region Property
The Offset & Resize Functions
Variables & Constants

Declaring Variables
Scope & Visibility
User Defined Functions

Using Excel Functions in VBA
VBA Functions
Function Procedures

Add-In Applications

Creating an Add-in
Installing an Add-In
Editing and Removing an Add-In
Debugging & Error Trapping

Types of Error & Debugging
Stepping a Procedure
Break Mode
Error Handling
User Forms & Built-in Dialog Boxes

Using Built-In Excel Dialog Boxes
Designing a Userform
Setting Control Properties
Adding Form Events
Displaying a Custom Userform