Microsoft Office 2007 Introduction

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

This course is aimed at users who require only a basic understanding of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

Users who need a more in depth introduction to Office 2007 applications should attend the full introductory (Level 1) courses instead.

Students who wish to attend this course need to be familiar with the use of a PC keyboard and mouse.


Use the Windows environment to start-up and shut-down the system, work with the desktop and taskbar to access applications, move and resize windows, and manage filing using Windows Explorer.
Use Office applications to create professional documents using Microsoft Word and send email using Microsoft Outlook.

Course Content


Exploring Word
Starting Word
Working with Word Windows
Using Menu Commands
Displaying and Hiding Toolbars
Displaying Hidden Toolbar Buttons
Moving and Resizing Toolbars
Changing Menu and Toolbar Options
Using the Task Pane
Exiting Word

Using Basic Document Skills
Entering Text into a Document
Creating and Saving a New Document
Closing a Document
Opening an Existing Document
Navigating in a Document
Selecting Text

Using Basic Text Editing
Removing Characters
Deleting and Replacing Selected Text
Cutting/ Copying and Pasting Text

Using Undo and Redo

Checking Spelling and Grammar

Using Character Formatting

Formatting Characters
Changing an Existing Font
Highlighting Text

Using Paragraph Formatting

Formatting Paragraphs
Aligning Paragraphs

Exploring Excel
Starting & Exiting Excel
Working with Excel Windows, Worksheets & Menu Commands
Displaying & Hiding Toolbars

Using Basic Workbook Skills
Creating & Saving a New Workbook
Selecting Cells, Entering & Editing Data

Working with Ranges
Entering Values Into a Range
Using the Auto Fill Feature

Creating Simple Formulas
Using Formulas, Autosum Button

Formatting Numbers & Text

Text Alignment & Borders & Fill

Formatting Cells

Changing Cell Alignment
Using the Borders button


Learning Outlook Basics

Starting Outlook
Using the Outlook Interface
Displaying and hiding a toolbar
Using Outlook bar and Today page
Using the folder list
Closing Outlook

Using Outlook Messaging

Using Outlook's e-mail features
Sending a message
Using the Address Book
Opening a message in the inbox
Viewing sent messages
Replying to and forwarding a message
Printing information viewer and message window

Inserting a file attachment