Microsoft Outlook 2007 Level 1

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

This course is aimed at people who want to learn how to use Microsoft Outlook to read, create and send email messages, and to understand how to use the product as a simple personal information management tool.

Students who wish to attend this course need to be familiar with the use of a PC keyboard and mouse.


On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

Understand the Outlook environment
Create, send, reply and forward a message
Attach a file to a message
Open and use the address book
Schedule with the calendar
Manage, add and edit contacts
Create a task and assign a task to another user
Open the Journal and work with entries
Create and edit a note

Course Content

Learning Outlook Basics

Starting Outlook
Using the Outlook interface
Displaying & hiding a toolbar
Using Outlook bar & Today page
Using the folder list
Closing Outlook
Using the Office Assistant

Using Outlook Messaging

Using Outlook s e-mail features
Sending a message
Using the address book
Opening a message in the inbox
Viewing sent messages
Replying & forwarding to a message
Printing information viewer & message window
Managing Messages

Saving a draft version of a message
Flagging messages
Changing read status
Sorting, deleting & moving messages
Emptying the Deleted Items Folder
Archiving a folder
Working with Components & Office

Creating an AutoSignature
Creating an AutoText Entry
Inserting a file attachment
Saving a file attachment
Inserting a hyperlink
Creating & posting Office documents
Using the Office clipboard

Scheduling with the Calendar

Using the calendar
Scheduling an appointment & event
Responding to & checking a meeting
Adding a task to the Task Pad
Setting items as recurring
Changing the view
Editing, moving, deleting & printing calendar items
Managing Meetings

Schedule a meeting
Respond to a meeting request
Updating & cancelling meetings
Creating group calendars
Managing Contacts

Adding, editing & deleting contacts
Flagging a contact for follow-up
Organise meetings
Tracking all activities for a contact
Printing contacts information
Working with Tasks

Adding & editing tasks
Marking a task as complete
Sorting/ reordering tasks
Assigning tasks to users
Accepting/ Declining tasks
Sending a status report
Printing & deleting tasks
Using the Out of Office Assistant

Creating an AutoReply Message
Adding an Out of Office Rule
Editing an Out of Office Rule
Deleting an Out of Office Rule
Disabling the Out of Office Rule

Using Notes

Creating, opening, printing & deleting notes