Microsoft Outlook 2007 Level 2

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

This course is aimed at people who want to learn how to advance their knowledge of Outlook as an information management tool and explore some of its built-in automation.

Students who wish to attend this course should have attended the Outlook Level 1 course or possess good knowledge in the use of email and understand how to use the calendar, tasks, journal and notes folders.


On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

Format the text within an Outlook Message
Use the Address Book
Automate Outlook using Rules
Import and Export Data
Use the Newsreader feature
Create and use Folders and Forms
Customise the Information Viewer
Use the Other Shortcuts Group
Set General Outlook Options

Course Content

Formatting Outlook Messages

Apply Character & Paragraph Formatting
Create a Bulleted List in a Message
Use Smart Tags
Use the Spell Check & Grammar Tools
Change the Message Background Colour
Apply Styles to Paragraphs
Insert a Picture
Create & use Stationery
Using the Address Book

Opening the Address Book
Selecting Different Address Books
Copy an Address
Create a New Contact Entry, Personal
Create a Distribution List
View, Delete & Find an Entry
Working with the Rules Wizard

Add a Rule
Change the Value of a Rule
Edit & delete a Rule
Create a Rule Using a Template
Working with Files & Applications

Importing & Exporting Data
Creating a Letter to a Contact
Using Mail Merge with Word
Working with the Internet

Managing Favourite Web Sites
Sharing Calendar Information

Working with Folders

Using Folder, Home Page & Permission
Accessing Another User s Folder
Opening a Folder in its Own Window
Creating a Personal Folder
Opening an Outlook Data File
Setting Global & Folder AutoArchive
Using Mailbox Cleanup
Customising the Information Viewer

Moving a Field View
Formatting a Column in a Tabular View
Filtering & Resetting a View
Grouping Items in a Folder
Formatting the settings for a view &
other views
Using Automatic Formatting
Using Colours to Organise Messages
Customising Toolbar

Using the OtherShortcuts Group

Setting Outlook Options