Introduction to Project Management and Microsoft Project

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

This programme gives an introduction to the project management lifecycle and will enable participants to plan, schedule, monitor and control a project effectively using the most popular software planning tool, Microsoft Project. Participants will learn the essential techniques needed to gain input and buy-in to achieve goals and objectives.

Anyone working in a project environment and intending to use Microsoft Project as a component of their project management process.


Understand project management and the need for organisation
Develop the skills required to perform essential planning techniques
Learn to use Microsoft Project to create and maintain successful projects
Scope, initiate and manage a project to a successful conclusion
Use the analytical planning techniques supported by Microsoft Project
Manage schedules, resources, costs and changes
Produce meaningful reports and activity schedules

Course Content

Introduction and Objectives

Introduction to Project Management
What is a project?
Defining project objectives
The project lifecycle
Project roles and responsibilities

The Project Management process
Project proposal
Project definition
Project reporting and change control
Project closure
Project review
Benefits realisation

Getting started with Microsoft Project
What is Microsoft Project?

Building a simple project
Creating a project schedule

Developing a project plan
Linking tasks
Adding lag and lead time between tasks
Creating a network diagram
Allocating resources to tasks
Identifying the critical path of a project
Identifying slack time in a project schedule

Tracking a project
Saving a baseline plan
Updating a project schedule
Comparing the actual and planned progress of a project

Communicating project information
Pre-designed and custom reports

Review of Programme