Microsoft Publisher 2003 Level 1

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You will be able to create, manage, revise, and distribute publications using Publisher.

This course assumes that you are familiar with using Windows and word processing.


On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

Create a one-page publication
Modify a publication's layout and structure
Edit content in a publication
Format text
Format pictures
Identify the options for distributing a publication

Course Content

Creating a Basic Publication

Examine the Publisher Environment
Create a Publication from a Publication Design
Replace Design Object Placeholders
Save a Publication
Create a Blank Publication
Display Ruler Guides
Add Text
Insert a Picture from a File
Modifying a Publication's Layout & Structure

Insert & Delete Pages
Insert a Text File
Size Text Boxes & Picture Frames
Move Text Boxes & Picture Frames
Connect Text Boxes
Divide Text Boxes into Columns
Move a Page
Create & Use a Master Page
Editing Content in a Publication

Edit text in a Publication
Research information
Find & Replace Text
Check Spelling

Formatting a Publication

Format Text
Apply Schemes
Insert Symbols
Indent Paragraphs
Change Spacing Between Paragraphs
Control Paragraph Flow
Create Paragraph Styles
Format Text Boxes
Formatting Pictures in a Publication

Format Picture Frames
Crop a Picture
Wrap Text Around a Picture
Insert WordArt
Insert a Design Gallery Object
Preparing a Publication for Distribution

Check the Design of a Publication
Verify Pictures
Create a Newsletter to Email
Create a Web Page
Publish a Web Site
Preview & Print a Publication