Microsoft Word 2007 Level 4

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

This course is aimed at people who want to use Microsoft Word as an advanced desk-top publishing tool in order to create professional quality printed documents.

Students who wish to attend this course should have attended the Word Level 1, 2 and 3 courses or have a very good understanding and significant experience in working with styles, table design, advanced paragraph formatting and using automation in documents.


On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

Customise the Word Environment
Automate processes with Macros
Manage large documents using Master Document
Create a drawing with the drawing toolbar
Track the changes to a document that is reviewed and edited by others
Save documents in HTML format
Work with graphics, graphs and drawing tools

Course Content

Working with AutoFormat

Changing AutoFormat Options
Using AutoFormat
Creating Master Documents

Using a Master Document
Inserting Subdocuments
Creating a New Subdocument
Collapsing/ Expanding & Opening
Inserting Graphics

Using the Insert Clip Art Task Pane
Inserting & Formatting a Picture
Creating & Formatting WordArt Objects
Using Advanced Layout Options
Creating Watermarks
Using Charts & Diagrams

Working with Microsoft Graph
Creating a Chart
Editing the Datasheet
Importing Data
Inserting SmartArt Graphics
Working with Drawing Objects

Creating a Drawing Object
Formatting an Object
Selecting & Moving Objects
Working with and without the Drawing Canvas
Using the Drawing Tools tab

Tracking Revisions

Enabling, Setting & Disabling Change
Sending & Merging Documents
Reviewing Tracked Changes
Managing Comments
Accepting/ Rejecting All Changes
Using Macros

Recording Macros
Running Editing a Macro
Adding a Macro Button to the QAT
Organising Macro Projects & Deleting a
Customising Word Preferences

Changing the Default Font Attributes &
Page Settings
Setting View Options
Setting Save Options
Modifying Default File Locations
Adding/ Removing commands to the
Using Word HTML Features

Saving Files in the HTML File Format
Opening and Editing a Web Page in Word
Opening a Web Page in the Internet
Using Hyperlink Automatic Formatting
Linking to a Page & Location in a Page
Browsing Linked Pages & Locations
Editing a Hyperlink
Modifying & Reposting HTML Files