Adobe Acrobat Level 1

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

This course is aimed at people who want to create and modify PDF documents used to organise and share documents in a business environment.

Students who wish to attend this course need to have a basic understanding of Windows, and should also have basic word processing skills, such as copying and pasting text, formatting text etc.


On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

Navigate through PDF documents
Convert several types of documents to PDF
Modify PDF documents by arranging pages, adding headers and footers,
and customising page numbering
Add bookmarks, links and articles to a PDF document
Organise PDF documents into a document collection
Implement a document review workflow

Course Content

Accessing Information in PDF

Browse through a PDF document
Navigate to specific content
within a PDF document
Conduct a simple search
Export content from a PDF
Creating PDF Documents

Create PDF documents from Word
Create PDF documents using the
Print Command
Create a PDF document from
multiple files
Create PDF documents from HTML
Modifying PDF Documents

Arrange PDF document pages
Add Headers and Footers
Customise page numbering
Adding PDF Navigation Aids

Add Bookmarks
Add Text Links
Create Links to named destinations
Add Articles

Creating Document Collections

Specify access to documents in a
Search a Document Collection
Reviewing Documents

Choose a Collaboration Workflow
Prepare a PDF document for
Digitally sign a document
Add Comments and Markups to a
PDF document
Compile and view Document
Comments from Multiple
Appendix: Implementing a PDF
Document Review

Implementing a PDF Document
Implementing an Email-Based PDF
Document Review
Implementing Browser-Based
Incorporating PDF Review
Comments into a Word document