Adobe Acrobat Level 2

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

This course is aimed at people who want to convert technical documents to PDF files, enhance and control PDF content accessibility, customise PDF documents for interactive use online, and prepare PDF's for commercial printing.

Students who wish to attend this course should have attended Acrobat Level 1.


On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

Create PDF's from technical documents
Enhance the utility and accessibility of PDF documents
Create interactive PDF forms
Begin preparing a PDF document for commercial printing
Create composite and colour separation prints from a PDF document

Course Content

Creating PDFs from Technical

Create PDF documents from within
Microsoft Visio
Create PDF documents from within
Autodesk AutoCAD
Measure Technical Drawing Content
Enhancing PDF Documents

Embed Multimedia
Create Actions
Optimise PDF Files
Batch Process PDF documents
Make a PDF document more
Repurpose a PDF document for
other displays
Creating Interactive PDF Forms in
Adobe Designer

Create a PDF Form
Add Text Form Fields
Create Calculations
Create Fields with Predefined
Create Buttons
Organise collected data in a Spreadsheet
Preparing PDF Files for Commercial

Examine the Commercial Printing
Choose appropriate methods of
creating PDF Files for Prepress
Apply Colour Management Settings
Create and apply appropriate
Adobe PDF settings for Prepress
Preview Printed Effects on Screen
Finalising PDF Files for Commercial

Preflight Documents
Create PDF/ X-Compliant Files
Create a Composite
Create Colour Separations