Adobe Illustrator V10 Level 1

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

This course is aimed at people who want to create complex and attractive illustrations and type effects.

Students who wish to attend this course need to have a basic understanding of Windows.


On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

Manipulate Illustrator's various palettes and navigate in the Adobe Illustrator environment
Create and modify paths using the Pencil, Pen, Erase and
Selection tools
Draw and edit geometric objects
Apply fill and stroke attributes, colours, gradients and transparency
to objects and paths
Use layers to manage complex illustrations
Enter and format type in an illustration and create eye-catching
type effects
Prepare Illustrator files for print and for Web use

Course Content

Illustrator Environment

Illustrator Environment Elements
Navigating in Illustrator
Working with Paths

Vector Graphics and Raster Graphics
Drawing Tools
Editing Paths
Working with Objects

Using Rulers
Creating Objects
Editing Objects
Fill and Stroke Attributes

Applying Colour
Creating Colours
Using Brushes


Controlling Stacking Order
Organising Objects in Layers
Controlling Layers
Working with Type

Creating Type
Type within an Area
Copying Type Formatting with the
Eyedropper Tool
Type on a Path
Type Objects
Creating Outlines
Creating Output

Save for Web