Adobe Illustrator V10 Level 2

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

This course is aimed at graphic designers or people switching into a design job or taking on design responsibilities. They will have some previous experience with Illustrator.

Students who wish to attend this course should have attended the Adobe Illustrator Level 1 course or have equivalent knowledge.


On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

Create a complex illustration
Provide support for PDF and PSD files
Convert raster graphics to vector graphics
Colour an artwork using the Live Paint feature
Create a poster
Export a graphic for the web
Apply colour management so that colours match as closely as possible
Prepare documents for composite and commercial printing

Course Content

Creating Complex Illustrations

Create Shapes Using the Pathfinder Commands
Create Compound Paths
Offset Paths
Apply Effects
Create Symbols
Create Custom Pattern Brushes
Organise Objects with Layers
Modify Global Colours
Providing Support for PSD and PDF Files

Open Layered Photoshop Documents
Create an Adobe PDF File
Creating a Vector Version of a Raster Graphic

Manually Trace Raster Images
Trace Artwork Automatically
Adjust the Results of a Tracing
Apply a Custom Preset
Convert a Tracing Object to Paths

Colouring Artwork Using Live Paint

Apply Paint Using Live Paint
Correct Gaps in Objects
Convert Objects to Live Paint Groups
Creating a Poster

Simplify Paths
Create Clipping Masks
Create 3D Effects
Create Blends
Share Graphic Styles
Exporting Graphics for the Web

Convert Colours to Web-Safe Colours
Create Slices
Add Interactivity to an SVG File
Export Web Graphics
Applying Colour Management

Decide When to Use Colour Management
Set Up Colour Management
Outputting Documents

Print a Composite Proof
Create Colour Separations