QuarkXPress Level 2

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

This programme is for you if you are a novice, or a junior designer, who knows the basics of page layout techniques, but now want to use QuarkXPress more effectively and expand on your skills, especially with regard to typography issues. In this programme, you will build on your existing skills and will learn some of the more advanced features of QuarkXPress, as well as some techniques that will allow improvement of workflow.

We recommend you first attend QuarkXPress Level 1, or have equivalent knowledge.


Create graphic effects so that B zier boxes and images appear as you want them
Create type effects so that body text and display type enhance the design of a layout
Lay out pages efficiently
Control type colour so that the densities of text blocks are as you want them
Apply colour management so that colours match as accurately as possible
Manage long documents

Course Content

Introduction and Objectives

Creating graphic effects with B zier paths
Draw B zier paths
Reshape a picture box
Combine B zier shapes
Silhouette pictures

Creating type effects
Create drop caps
Reverse type with a style sheet
Create a type mask
Flow type on a path
Create a type shadow

Efficiently laying out pages
Organise design elements in libraries
Step and repeat items
Adjust space between items
Manipulate items within groups
Layer items
Professionally typesetting documents
Choose appropriate typefaces
Choose appropriate leading
Set justification options
Hyphenate text
Track type
Kern type

Applying colour management
Determine when to use colour management
Set up colour management
Change image profiles
Choose printer device profiles

Managing long documents
Change type formatting automatically
Section a document
Create a list
Index documents
Create a book

Review of Programme