Adobe Flash Level 1

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

This course is aimed at people who want a hands-on course that will introduce the critical skills needed to create objects and animations in Flash.

Students who wish to attend this course need to have a basic understanding of Windows and file management.


On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

Examine the concepts and technology behind Flash
Save and manage workspace layouts
Set initial movie characteristics
Use basic drawing and painting tools
Create custom colour swatches, gradients and line styles
Select objects using the selection tools
Create text blocks and convert them into shapes
Work with movies that contain multiple layers
Create a visual effect using mask layers
Work with different types of animations
Prepare a movie for publishing

Course Content

Exploring the Flash Environment

Explore Flash
Explore the Flash Work Environment
Work with Templates
Exploring the Drawing and Painting Tools

Compare Vector and Raster Graphics
Examine the Basic Drawing and Painting Tools
Create a Custom Colour Swatch, Gradient,
and Line Style
Manipulating Objects

Edit Objects Using the Selection Tools
Change Object Interaction
Create Symbols and Instances
Transform Objects
Work with Bitmap Images

Working with Text

Create Text Blocks
Convert Text into Shapes working
with Multiple Layers in a Movie

Work with Multiple Layers
Create a Mask Layer
Align the Objects in a Flash Document
Creating an Animation

Create a Frame-by-Frame Animation
Create a Shape-Tween Animation
Create a Motion-Tween Animation
Create a Guide Layer
Mask Animations
Publishing a Flash Movie

Select the Publish Settings
Publish a Flash File