iWork Keynote 09 Introduction

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

iWork Keynote '09 Introduction

This course includes the entire creative process, from building basic slides with text and images organised with themes right through to delivering the final presentation and is aimed at new users of Keynote.

Basic Mac Navigation is required.


On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

Create and Format Slides
Add Charts, Media and Images
Add Animation
Print and Deliver Presentations

Course Content

Keynote Basics

Exploring the user interface

Customising the user interface

Using the Media Browser

Understanding the Document Warning

Using Keynote themes

Slide Structure
Understanding master slides
Making changes to slides and masters
Creating a media placeholder on a master slide
Creating an object placeholder on a master slide

Presentation basics
Using the Document Inspector
Organising slides using the slide navigator
Use Outline mode
Adding notes to slides
Layout and alignment of objects
Understanding stacking order

Text Management
Working with free text objects
Comparing types of text objects
Formatting text in Keynote

Dealing with Shapes
Layout and alignment of objects
Understanding stacking order
Working with shape objects
Working with advanced shapes and colours
Using connection lines
Adding hyperlinks

Tables, Charts & Graphics
Adding and formatting tables
Building conditional formatting and calculations
Chart types
Working with chart data
Formatting charts
Working with 3D charts
Linking charts with Numbers '09
Working with graphic files

Working with multimedia files
Applying masks
Applying image adjustments
Using the Instant Alpha tool

Working with Themes, Graphics and Hyperlinks

Preparing a Custom Theme
Creating a Background and Formatting Text
Creating a Photo Cutout with Photoshop and Keynote
Saving and Sharing Themes, Applying a Custom Theme
Adding Transparency to Artwork
Masking Photos and Shapes
Embedding a Web Page
Embedding and Formatting a Quick Time Movie
Adding Hyperlinks and Navigation
Running a Presentation as a Kiosk
Exporting to CD-ROM

Animating and Viewing Your Presentation
Creating Builds to Reveal Text
Creating a Sequence Build to Reveal a Table
Creating Interleaved Builds
Creating a Smart Build
Watching the Presentation
Creating Transitions Between Slides
Indexing Your Presentation with Spotlight
Configuring Preferences for Smooth Playback
Running Your Presentation
Pausing and Resuming a Slide show
Troubleshooting Your Using Presenter Display Options
Playing a slide show
Recording slide show narration
Using remote controls
Reviewing a Presentation with Light Table View
Adding and Printing Presenter Notes
Printing Handouts