Implementing Project Management

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

Do you want to practise and develop your project management skills in a simulated project environment?

This workshop will provide a unique opportunity for those who are fairly new to project management to make the transition from theory to practice. As a team, the attendees will prepare for and conduct a ‘project' in a number of stages. After each stage, a structured review will provide the opportunity to explore the aspects of project management relevant to that stage.

This programme is for you if
you would like to experience the dynamics of working as part of a project team in a workshop environment. You will be able to practise and develop project tools and techniques whilst learning all the constituents of successful project management.

Participants should have attended our Fundamentals of Project Management course or have equivalent skills and experience.


On completion of this programme you will be able to:
Focus on key aspects of project definition and planning techniques
Understand the importance of teamwork and how to improve team effectiveness
Recognise the value of and use collective decision making
Monitor key aspects of projects as they are executed
Balance cost, schedule, quality and resource factors
Manage risk

Course Content

Programme Focus

Introduction and Objectives

Stage 1 Project Definition

Determining needs
Setting objectives and scoping
Identifying team roles
Determining constraints

Stage 2 - Planning

Cost planning
Resource planning
Risk planning

Stage 3... - Execution

Issue management
Team management
Risk management

Final Stage


Review of Programme