Strategic Management of Projects

Provided by WWP Training Ltd

This programme enables participants to ensure that all project work is selected, prioritised and managed to maximise the benefits to their organisation and customers. They will identify the need for appropriate roles, responsibilities and methods and in particular, learn about their potential role as a project sponsor.

This programme is for you if
you are a director or senior manager that wants to ensure projects are managed effectively.


Understand the need to exemplify and promote a project focused culture
Understand the importance of projects in achieving strategic objectives
Consider mechanisms for creating a balanced project portfolio
Identify project types and the unique management requirements of each
Determine and create the organisational structures appropriate for the delivery of effective and successful projects
Clarify the roles required in an effective project structure
Optimise the effective use of organisational resources
Understand your role and responsibilities as project sponsor in the project life cycle
Assess and prioritise projects in line with strategic objectives
Discuss the appropriate use of a project methodology and understand how project management tools and techniques could be applied in the organisation to achieve project outcomes with required quality on time and within budget

Course Content

Programme Focus

Introduction and Objectives

What is effective project management?
The characteristics of projects
Key factors for effective project management
Establishing a project focused culture

Strategic aspects of Project Management
The importance of projects in achieving strategic objectives
The key factors in establishing a balanced portfolio
Project types and management approaches

Organisational structure
Cultural models
Project-oriented structure
Optimising the use of organisational resources
Roles and responsibilities

The project management life cycle
The iterative process of project management

Initiating projects
Selecting and prioritising projects
Investment appraisal

Project management methodology
Brief overview of project manager s toolkit
Sponsor s role in supporting each stage of the project process

Review of Programme